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[MidiPhrase] RenRenYouGeXie midi plugin
VST3,AU (Win64,MacOS)

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Music inspiration capture and motivation extraction
We need to browse a large number of midi clips as quickly as possible in a short period of time. For example, I have a piece of harmony and drums, and I want to find a melody. Or I have a simple framework of drums and bass, and I want to find harmony and melody.
If you were a music composer, perhaps you could try MidiPhrase...

Midi phrase package The plugin provides packages of various types of musical phrases and supports custom phrase package creation, distribution, and sales.
Efficient editing tools Without leaving the plug-in, edit and sculpt your selected midi clips in real time simply, quickly and efficiently until you are satisfied.
Multi-language support users can easily customize localized languages.

Tips: When you are satisfied with a clip, you can click on the number of the pad and it will turn red. The pad will be locked and you can continue to turn the page to find the next material.
[Note: If you load a new midi file, the lock will be invalidated, so before you need to load a new midi file, you need to drag the locked clip to your DAW or computer to save it!]

Now , Woodwind phrases pack is on sales!

1. **basic Figure**: 416 basic patterns;
2. **basic rhythm**: 174 basic rhythm phrases;
3. **Common woodwind phrases**: 488 phrases.
A total of 1080 MIDI phrases.

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User manual.PDF

If you encounter the "developer cannot be verified" issue when loading MidiPhrase on MacOS, please refer to the solution

Latest version v2.0.18 [2024/7/18] Try using MidiPhrase.

1. MidiPhrase is a plugin that assists musicians in obtaining inspiration for motifs and themes in their musical creations. It provides strong MIDI sampling functionality, efficient note manipulation, and a robust phrase system. The plugin's primary objective is to offer efficient and professional inspirational aid in music composition.
The current factory phrase package contains over 1000+ phrases, and various technique packages will soon be sold on the phrase marketplace.
The powerful Midi phrase library system supports your own production, distribution and sales!

2. Music Production Assistance : The plugin is designed to help you extract and develop your creative ideas for music production.

3. Midi Sampler,MIDI slicing, Midi analysis and Note Processing: It provides powerful MIDI slicing capabilities and efficient, professional-grade tools for processing musical notes.

4. Scale Matching: You can experiment with different musical scales and harmonies quickly, allowing you to find the right sound for your composition.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts: The software offers keyboard shortcuts for all its functions, making it user-friendly and efficient.

6. MIDI File Import: You can import MIDI files using traditional file selection methods or by simply dragging and dropping them into the editing window.

7. Sliced Pad Support: The plugin allows you to create sliced pads and then drag and drop them directly into your computer or DAW as MIDI files.

8. Slice Triggering: It offers two triggering modes, allowing you to use both MIDI and a keyboard for triggering slices.

9. Pedal Switch: The pedal switch is particularly useful for piano and guitar-based accompaniments. It affects the generated MIDI, so you can include pedal events in your files. However, you should be cautious about the impact of pedal events, especially when using the software in your DAW.
(Note: It is recommended to check in your DAW. For instance, if you have set the slices to 4 bars, the pedal event will be continuous throughout, which is clearly not what you need!)

10. Extract and apply phrases(Groove, Rhythm, Tones), this is powerful tool!

11. Various chord and scale tools for composing music!

In summary, midiphrase is a powerful plugin designed to inspire composers and help them create themes! The plugin includes many efficient and practical tools specifically designed for composing. Feel free to explore it!

These features are designed to enhance your music production workflow and give you more creative control over your compositions.
1. Currently, the original phrase pack provides 1000+ phrases, and various skill packs will be sold in the phrase pack market in the future.

2. When users create phrase packs with less than 30 items, they can be freely shared. If there are more than 30 items, they cannot be shared and can only be used by yourself. If you want to make a phrase pack of more than 30 that is easy to sell, you can contact me and put it on the midiphrase market for commercial sales. , please visit the website: for more information, or see the contact details in the plugin.

Convenient and efficient tool

Quickly test your musical ideas

Version 2.0.18
1. Fixed a bug that could cause the plugin to crash when generating phrases.
2. Fixed the issue where the page did not reset correctly when switching phrase packs.
3. Fixed the issue where the page did not reset correctly when switching between phrases and figures in the phrase panel.

Version 2.0.17
### Features:
1. **Add Quick Note Input Method**: Hold Win:ALT or Mac:Option and click the left mouse button to input a note; click the left mouse button to delete a note.
2. **[Phrase]**: When multiple notes are selected and not in playback mode, triggering the phrase will sequentially bind the notes as root notes. This is very helpful for quickly experimenting with various phrase combinations during composition or arrangement.
### Behaviors:
### Fixes:
1. **Fix the Possible Calculation Deviation in Quantization Function**.
Version 2.0.16
1. [Phrase] Now pressing the spacebar in the phrase panel can also trigger playback in the piano window.
2. [Phrase] If multiple notes are selected and playback is in progress, triggering a phrase will automatically bind the note closest to the playback position as the root note (this is very helpful for quickly experimenting with various phrase combinations during composition or arrangement).
Version 2.0.15
1.Added German, French, Italian.
1.Fixed the issue of misalignment in scale matching (thanks to Mr. Bendel).
2.Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when using the scale matching feature (thanks to Mr. Bendel).
3.Fixed the issue where the phrase system could misalign when inserting phrases.
Version 2.0.13
1. Extract and apply phrases (Extract: Ctrl[Cmd] + S, Apply: Shift + S).
2. MIDI channel filtering (notes from other channels become ghost notes).
3. Root note positioning for phrase auditioning (automatically positions the root note to the first selected note in the piano roll, if no note is selected, the default pitch A4 is used).
4. Import commercial phrase packs.
1. Add a lock option to the pad right-click menu.
2. Add an erase background button to the piano roll sidebar menu.
3. The minimum note length precision is now 128th notes.
1. Fixed the issue where Bitwig did not display registration information correctly.
2. Fixed the rendering error in the phrase system when notes are shorter than 64th notes.
3. Fixed the issue that could cause crashes when creating custom phrase packs.
4. Fixed the issue of notes being obscured by notes from different channels when drawing.
1. Pad synchronization shortcut key adjusted to: Ctrl[Cmd] + Shift + S.
Version 2.0.12
1. Sticky notes
2. Four-part harmony range coloring (default is string quartet, customizable instrument ranges)
3. Customizable composition background image in the piano window (preferably 4:3 aspect ratio)
Version 2.0.11
1.Try-listen function: Ctrl+I (or Cmd+I on Mac)
2.Playhead mode toggling (Pagination Mode, Recording Tape Mode)
3.Notation slice functionality: Shift + I
4.Note head offset functionality: Alt+I (or Option+I on Mac)
5.Phrase panel adds an icon to the toolbarv
1.When modifying a scale now, the shadow channel will display in real-time (if Scale Matching is activated).
Version 2.0.10
1. MIDI recording with quantization (press Ctrl+R and then spacebar to start recording, a one-measure count-in will be played before recording starts. Alternatively, you can press the spacebar first for immediate insertion of recording).
2. Beat extraction and application. (Ctrl+Q / Shift+Q)
3. Pitch extraction and application. (Ctrl+W / Shift+W)
4. Channel filter (to force display of specified channel's notes when they are covered by other channels' notes) (use D or Alt+D to toggle between channels).
5. Pad loading independent files with option to set measure number (right-click menu on pad).
Behavior changes:
1. Different channels' notes can now overlap.
2. Drawing notes is now linked to the channel filter.
3. Spacebar now defaults playback from user-specified playhead location; if no position is specified, it plays from the beginning (Ctrl+left mouse button sets playhead / W key returns cursor back to the beginning).
4. Ctrl+spacebar: continues playing from stop point.
5. Copy selected note block in piano roll using Cmd+D which automatically adjusts range.
Bug fixes:
1. Fix issue where playhead always auto-plays upon reopening plugin.
2. Fix issue where pads lose lock after reopening plugin.
3. Fix issue where S key splits channels incorrectly during note group operation.
4. Fix issue where loaded file into an independent pad has wrong speed upon reopening plugin.
5. Reset counting issues.
6. Address various issues related to note group operations.
7. Correct host BPM change leading to misaligned playhead.
8. Fix distorted playhead position after zooming in/out piano roll.
Version 2.0.9a
Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug where creating an empty pad resulted in the plugin crashing.
Version 2.0.9
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed some note operations that could potential cause the plugin to crash.
2. Fixed the issue where the playback speed is incorrect when using a MIDI keyboard or triggering notes in pad mode after independently loading a MIDI file.
3. Fixed the issue where the time ruler's tick marks do not display correctly during MIDI keyboard or note triggering.
UI Adjustments:
1. Note style adjustment.
2. Piano window style adjustment.
Version 2.0.8
1.Fix bug causing crash on plugin startup.
Version 2.0.7
New Features:
1. Create new pads via the right-click context menu.
2. Pad locks stay enabled when switching MIDI files without impacting edits.
3. Drag and drop MIDI files into separate pads to automatically lock them; this works with content from multiple sources such as ezKey, Scaler 2, and other similar tools. Also, you can freely drag and drop pads between each other. Disabling the lock returns pads to standard behavior.
4. Clean up temporary MIDI files by clicking a dedicated button in the Config panel.
5. File browsers show the designated MIDI library path by default.
Changes in Behavior:
1. Pad lock state continues until manual cancellation or shutting down the DAW.
2. A Tmp folder is available within the MidiPhrase directory to manage user-created temporary MIDI files.
3. Plugins now automatically adjust files and settings according to the config version number.
Bug Fixes:
1. Addresses the issue where pagination may cause the plugin to crash.
2. Rectifies problems resulting in possible crashes following changes in bars/measures.
3. Eliminates crashing issues occurring when reopening the plugin.
4. Solves one specific instance of crashes related to editing notes.
Version 2.0.6
Delete phrase - now shows a confirmation window.
Fixes an issue causing sustained MIDI notes to continue playing.
Version 2.0.5
This version mainly modifies some plugins' inhuman behavior and bugs in operation.
1. When a note is selected, right-click dragging can now also select notes.
2. Upon first launching the plugin, it will automatically load a demo MIDI file to fill all pads, making them usable.
Note: If MidiPhrase has been installed previously, users must manually remove the demo.mid file from the MidiPhrase directory themselves.
3. When more than one note is selected, the piano roll will display a flag, allowing for overall scaling of your selected note block - a feature that FL Studio users are sure to be familiar with.
1. Addresses an issue where notes become difficult to move after being scaled down too small.
2. Fixes two underlying bugs.
Version 2.0.4
Bug Fixes:
Fixed the issue of repeatedly showing unregistered information.
Fixed the issue of improper registration information displayed upon first launch.
Optimized midi trigger pad graphics rendering.
Version 2.0.3
1. Significant performance improvements.
2. Optimized DAW environment collaboration workflow.
New features:
1. Host synchronization enabled during DAW playback (compatible with the loop switch), allowing automatic tempo synchronization when switching clips. Users can play along with computer keyboard or mouse inputs in real-time while switching between different clip sections within the same bar. For example, under host sync mode, adjust the subdivision of bars to four, trigger the plug-in to play a note via DAW, and users can instantly switch to different sections of other clips using the mouse or computer keyboard. This feature is extremely powerful during the creative process, especially when working with DAW environments. This feature behaves consistently outside of DAW playback.
2. Added a global pitch fine tuning option with half-note increments.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed the issue where the technique mapping toggle did not save state.
2. Resolved the misaligned cursor issue when switching pads.
3. Fixed the issue where keyboard or note triggers failed to display synchronized.
4. Rectified the issue where the plug-in default channel settings were incorrect. Now, the global channel enable switch defaults to off.
UI Adjustments:
1. Moved the global channel enable switch to the top of tool bar.
version 2.0.2
Bugfix - Addressing An Error Where User-Defined MIDI Phrase Packs May Fail To Load Correctly.
version 2.0.1
1. Fix the bug of short sentence condition filtering.
2. Fixed the issue where the selected note channel failed to switch when inserting a phrase.
3. Fix the problem that may cause continuous sound.

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